Membership Services

Becoming a Member
MCOA is a non-profit organization made up of member airports and associates dedicated to providing services and operating the state airports in the safest and most efficient way possible.  MCOA is an “assistance and information resource center” providing a forum for the members to insure they have access to and are kept informed on “state of the art” technologies in airport funding, maintenance, and operations.

Benefits of Being A Member 
Your membership in MCOA offers many benefits.
  • MCOA works hand-in-hand with the Minnesota Department of Transportation, Office of Aeronautics to identify and resolve potential airport problems.
  • MCOA has a library of resources, specifications, and information available to you.
  • MCOA provides strong leadership and a voice listened to at the state legislature to insure sufficient airport funding is available.
  • MCOA (in partnership with the Office of Aeronautics, FAA, MBAA, and with vendor support) plans and hosts the annual Minnesota Airports Conference providing you with the opportunity to share ideas and concerns with other airports and vendors in a congenial, learning environment.
  • MCOA provides guidance and assistance to the AirTAP Steering Committee for matters concerning program development for the University of Minnesota Center for Transportation Studies (CTS) AirTAP Fall Forum in concert with the FAA and the MN/DOT Office of Aeronautics.
For our associate members, MCOA provides an opportunity for vendors and exhibitors to advertise their services to airports at minimal cost.
Types of Membership Available 
There are three types of MCOA memberships available.
  • Airports – All airports in the state are eligible, from sod strips to seaplane bases
  • Associate/Corporations – All purveyors of services, airport related or not, are eligible
  • Individual – Any individual involved with aviation may join MCOA
Invitation to Join 
The benefits of being a member of MCOA far outweigh the minimal membership costs.  To join, contact any MCOA Board member or Mark Knoff at email.   Airport annual membership dues are based on airport size and level of service while associate and individual memberships are generally fixed fees.

2022 Membership Rates
  • Airports, key airports with scheduled commercial service … $250
  • Airports, key airports without commercial service … $150
  • Airports, intermediate airports … $150
  • Airports, landing strips and sod airports… $50
  • Associates or individuals … $100
  • Associates with Advertisement … $200
Contact Mark Knoff, Executive Director at email.