MCOA Officers and Board of Directors

MCOA Board Members represent 10 different regions throughout the State.  
The number in parenthesis designates the region they represent.  
This map shows the regional boundaries.  Members can obtain contact 
information by logging into their account and using the Member Search tab.

Chair Pam Schroeder (FKA)
Vice-Chair Andrew Wall (SGS)
Sec/Treasurer Kyle Christensen (BJI)
Board (1)  Barrett Ziemer (HIB)
 Board (2)  Joe Hedrick (TVF)
 Board (3)  Steve Wright (BRD)
 Board (4)  Mark Hagen (DTL)
 Board (5)  Bill Towle (STC)
 Board (6)  Kurt Claussen (RST)
 Board (7)  Dave Beaver (OWA)
 Board (8)  Eric Rudningen (BDH)
 Board (8)  Joe Grabinowski (MKT)
 Board (9)  Mark Papko (DLH)
 Board (10)  Joe Harris (MAC)