Welcome to the Minnesota Council of Airports Website

MCOA was formed to provide airport owners and operators with a forum for information exchange to improve airports and aviation in the state.  Early in 1982, representatives of 18 Minnesota airports met to form an organization for that purpose.  MCOA is a non-profit organization that was formed with bylaws adopted on April 27, 1983, at MCOA’s first annual meeting.

MCOA's Mission

Ensure the safe operation and adequate funding of all Minnesota airports using the members' collective voices and the exchange of best practices.

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Membership Benefits

MCOA is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing services and operating the state airports in the safest and most efficient way possible.  First, MCOA is an “assistance and information resource center” providing a forum for the members to insure they have access to and are kept informed on “state of the art” technologies in airport funding, maintenance, and operations.  Second, MCOA works with other organizations to provide training opportunities that can help our members better manage their airports.  Finally, MCOA advocates, on behalf of our members, with MNDOT, FAA and the state legislature to improve our member's ability to mange their airports through changes in regulations and legislation.


Highlights From This Year

MCOA is partnering with state organizations to create a binding avenue for airport projects that align with the current state and federal grant application process.  The bonding option will provide an avenue for airports to fund large infrastructure projects.  It will also reduce the impact those large projects would have on other airports needing state grants for their smaller projects.